23 September 2013

Magic Circle Tutorial

After posting the original pattern for the Neko Ear Warmers, a friend of mine suggested that I post a tutorial showing how I make my magic circles. (Julie, this is for you, dear.) Although I'm fairly certain I actually cheat when I make them, this is the easiest and fastest way I have figured out how to make the ever-useful magic circle. Plus, it holds up well in the work.

Before we begin, here's another disclaimer: don't judge me for how I hold my yarn. I know it's not technically correct. For whatever reason, though, my pianist fingers are strong enough to hold the yarn taut without wrapping it around my pinky. I just don't think about it. It works for me. Do what works for you.

Anyway, here's your snazzy little photo tutorial:

First, hold your yarn like you're about to cast on.

Keep acting like you're about to cast on by inserting the hook on the left side, and making a loop with the yarn. Hold that X the yarn makes between your middle finger and thumb:

Next, insert your hook into the loop from the front side:

Draw up a loop:

Then, follow the pattern and make the stitches over the 2 strands to the left of your hook. For this example, I'm making one of the ears that belongs on the Neko Ear Warmer.

NOTE: there will be one short end. Make sure that, no matter how many stitches you make, you can always grab the short end! That short end is essential. It's what puts the "magic" in "magic circle." No lie.

Once you've finished your stitches, pull that short end before you sl st to join or continue on to the next round (if working in continual rounds).

Make that hole in the middle of all the stitches as small as your little heart desires, and boom! You're done.

Magic circles are ideal for making hats, and, well, anything that's round except maybe a doily. I wouldn't use a magic circle for a doily. Let's not be silly, now.

By the way, in case you can't tell, YES that is a smaller version of the Neko Ear Warmer. The updated pattern is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

I hope this tutorial is helpful to you! If you have any questions, concerns, or find an error in the tutorial, PLEASE contact me via e-mail, Facebook message, Etsy message, a comment on here . . . basically, whatever. Just let me know, so that others who use this tutorial won't have any problems.

Happy stitching! xo

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