29 April 2013

Pattern Review

While mulling around on what to do for my next project, I came across this.

Image of Sandy Shore Washcloth Set

Don't they just look warm, luxurious, and lovely? Well, I thought so, anyway. What I thought was neat was that there wasn't just one pattern there, but four. And they're all free! Awesome.

I just needed some cotton yarn. I suppose that you could make them with acrylic, but the thing about acrylic is that it does not absorb any water, so what's the point? I don't do stitch samplers. I needed some yarn to finish an afghan, anyway, so I went to the craft store. I ended up picking up some Lily Sugar 'n Cream. Well worth it, despite the price per ounce.

                                              Country Stripes 10202121143       Violet Stripes 10202121317

Such pretty colors, don't you think? I couldn't resist. Those are the colors I bought.

I set to work on the first pattern; the Grit Stitch Washcloth. So fun!

I love how the stitch looks so complex, but it's actually very basic. A beginning crocheter could make this.

I added an edging to it, just to make it look more finished. All I did was work a bunch of single crochets all around. On the corners I did (sc, ch 1, sc). I think it worked out quite well. Here's the finished product:

Overall? Very easy pattern, very pretty product, and a very happy Sammich. I plan on making some of these for Mother's Day to sell in the shop, as well as to give to my Nana and future mother-in-law.

Before you ask, I DID try some of the other patterns. Or, rather, I started to. The thing is that I don't particularly like just making a ton of double crochets in a row, or really a lot of any of the same stitch in a row. I like diversity, even if it's a motif that's repeated. That's why the only one I actually made was the Grit Stitch Washcloth. But, if you like that sort of thing, or how the other patterns look, by all means, go for it. They are all incredibly simple.


New Afghan!

This is my newest creation for the Etsy shop! The sunshine yellow just makes me happy. I used a vintage pattern and 100% acrylic yarn for it.
Here it is.


23 April 2013


Uber short post! Here we go . . .

This week, I was featured on my Etsy team's blog! It's pretty exciting to have some sort of publicity. You can check out the post here.

And, that's it. There will be a NEW listing on the shop later today or tomorrow. It depends on how lazy I am, or not.


22 April 2013

Why pay someone?

Forewarning: this has absolutely nothing to do with crochet. I just love DIY projects, and you'll see why.

My motto in life is typically, "why pay someone to do something, when you can DIY?" I love it, because it saves me and my family tons of money.

My latest project was last week. I detailed my car myself & it only cost me $20.

My ex-husband left a ton of old oil spots on the back seat from when he was using my car to travel to and from work, and I have NOT been able to get them out for the last 3 years for the life of me!! My daughter (who will henceforth be referred to as 3.14, because Pi is her nickname) also decided to color on the middle of the back seat. Yaaayyy pre-schoolers! But seriously, she's awesome. I just needed something to get this gunk out of my car!

Here's a picture of what it looked like before:
Crazy, right? It was a LOT worse before I vacuumed it, too. But that was just loose food junk that was caught underneath 3.14's booster seat.

Here's a side tangent, but I promise it's relevant. My aunt from southern California was visiting us last summer with her daughters. They drove out here. To Tennessee. Yeah. I did that once. I'll never do it again. Anyway, she mentioned using this amazing product on spots on her carpet at home for pet stains. It's called Spot Shot. It is seriously the most wonderful home cleaning item everrrr. No joke. ANY stain, new or set in, it gets it out like nobody's business. It's like Chuck Norris meets Margaret Thatcher's granddaughter kind of kick-butt stuff. (Have you HEARD of Margaret Thatcher's granddaughter yet? Amazing.)

Long story short, I was staring at these stains, trying to think of a way to get them out, when I got to thinking . . . that Spot Shot is the Terminator of all carpet cleaners. I wonder if I can get that to work on the back seat of my car.

Crazy me tried it. AND I WON. Boo-yah, back seat stains! Sayonara for evah!

Here's what it looks like now:
My aunt for one is super proud of me, I'm proud of myself, and my car looks like it doesn't even belong to a single mom! Winning, duh.

Moral of the story is, go buy some Spot Shot, and get to spring cleaning.

02 April 2013

Twitter/Facebook Contest Rules & Regulations

CONTEST DEADLINES: 4/2/13-4/12/13

How to enter:
1. No purchase necessary.
2.    Twitter users:
a.    Follow bluecloudcrochet on Twitter.
b.    Make a creative tweet about the bow bracelet offered at the shop www.bluecloudcrochet.com, including a link to the shop or the listing itself, and use the hashtag #bluecloudcrochet.
3.    Facebook users:
a.    Like Blue Cloud Crochet on Facebook.
b.    Make a creative post about the bow bracelet offered at the shop www.bluecloudcrochet.com, including a link to either the shop or the listing itself, and tag the Blue Cloud Crochet Facebook page.
1.    One bow bracelet in the color of your choice that will be mailed to you directly.
2.    Bow bracelets are worth $10.00 at www.bluecloudcrochet.com
Rules and Regulations:
1.    Must include a link to the shop or the listing.
2.    Must include all tags specified in the “how to enter” section.
3.    Must be a creative description of the bow bracelet item specifically.
4.    You are not allowed to use any copyrighted phrases or materials from other sources, such as other materials, other promotional ads, television shows, etc.
Winner will be determined by a panel of judges. Contest closes on 4/12/13, and a winner will be selected by 4/16/13.
When there is a winner, they will be contacted directly. If they allow permission to use a part of their name, it will be listed on the shop’s homepage at www.bluecloudcrochet.com