01 October 2013

Ends . . .

When it comes to weaving in ends, I'm terrible at it. Honestly. What I normally do is just work over the ends, and hope that my work doesn't get undone. The last afghan I made before beginning my daughter's owlghan, though, has been mutilated more than once by our miniature pincer, Tony. (Yes, Tony. Tony DiNozzo.) In order to prevent that from happening with the owlghan (because, let's face it, there are TONS of ends in that thing that could potentially come undone), my Nana offered some of her sage advice. Here it is below:

 "Weaving" in Ends

1. Find an end
Just like this one ^
 2. If necessary, pull some of the end back out if you've worked over it and it's just too short otherwise.
Pulled back through 3 stitches so this end is in the middle of a corner.
 3. Split the yarn. Literally, grab a half between two fingers in one hand, and another half in two fingers of the other, and pull till it comes apart a bit. You should now have 2 ends like this:
I promise, this has no bearing on what my hair looks like right now.
 4. Pull one of the ends back under a loop on one of the previous stitches like so:
I had pulled both back through one before I pulled one through another.
 5. Double-knot (square knot) the ends just like you would a pair of shoelaces.
Knotty yarn.
6. Pull the yarn back under the other stitches. Tuck in more, if needed.

So, that's mine and Nana's way of taking care of our ends so they don't fray and work doesn't come undone. Hope this little tidbit was helpful!

Happy Stitching! xo

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